Testimonials ForMichelle Gomez, REALTOR®

Deborah and Harvey Coco

We were lucky enough to find Michelle Gomez of Keller Williams Realty last September. As veterans of moving, having relocated eight times in the past 26 years, we know the role a real estate agent plays in any move, big or small. The best ones become so much more than just the person who finds you a home; they are a crucial liaison to your new community.

In March of 2016 we relocated from upstate New York to Leander, Texas – a huge move by any standards. We had an extremely limited amount of time to find a home and met with Michelle only briefly before having to select a house and make an offer. Michelle worked with us at a distance over the months before our move, gathering information via email and phone. When we met for the first time about one month later, she was already clued in to our needs as a family and I already felt like I had a friend in Texas. From there, she worked diligently and thoughtfully to find us the right spot. We were overwhelmed by all the options in the greater Austin area and Michelle was able to weed through them for us to figure out what location would best suit our needs. She has both a keen sense of people and the area she represents as a real estate agent.

No text or email ever went unanswered; Michelle always replied promptly and with the right answer. I used her like a crutch the last few weeks before we moved – asking her questions on everything from furniture stores, to where we could board our horses, to medical care. Her willingness to go beyond the realm of “agent” allowed us to worry about the big details, knowing she had our backs.

We love our new home and this is due much in part to Michelle leaving no stone unturned. When she sensed I wasn’t finding what felt like the right spot, she searched until we walked into our dream house. After the move, she followed up frequently, making sure we were settled. Michelle is both professional and sensitive to the needs of a family during a move and this is a very rare combination.